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The Lunar Blog Crew

Because Lunar love is never enough!

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Welcome to The Lunar Blog Crew!

This community began as a lonely sign up page in someone's journal (it's still where you have to go, by the way, to be part of this crew). Then as comments continued to come in, so did ideas. These bloggers didn't just want a listing; they wanted fun. So here it is, an attempt for Lunar fun - and much loved randomness!

Wanna be part of the randomness? Follow these easy steps!

1. Sign up. It's where it all begins.
2. Join this community.
3. Introduce yourself. Express your love for Lunar. Talk about randomness. Let everyone else get to know you better. This is a friendship ring, after all.
4. Friend the other crew members and spread the love.
5. Join whatever comes up. If you have any ideas, let it out. And, most importantly, have fun!

Dragon Song
none yet

Magic School / Scrolling School
Elie - krile

Tale of the Vane Airship (manga)
Young Ghaleon - Danni

The Silver Star / Silver Star Story Complete / Legend
Alex Noah - haru_yartsev
Jessica de Alkirk - lunarwhirl
Kyle - reserved
Luna Noah - gaylee
Magic Emperor Ghaleon - law_bastard
Mia Ausa - flamaeo
Nall - driley1
Nash Rumack - yoshimars
Red Dragon - julie_jubz
Phacia - klasikal
Tempest - darthnaku

Eternal Blue / Eternal Blue Complete
Future/Adult Nall - patchouli
Future Ghaleon - small_evil_me
Hiro - riceyboy
Jean - blady
Lemina Ausa - roushutsu
Leo - kalla
Lucia - angelalex242
Mauri - breyzyyin (Yin)
Ronfar - breyzyyin (Breyzy)
Ruby - shaexx

Childhood's End (manga)
none yet


Maintainers, community layout and community icons are currently wanted.
Leave a comment here. :)