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Belated happy birthday, patchouli! ♥

I'm terribly sorry if this is late. It's my fault for not noticing your post sooner. T_T Or maybe I was just overly excited with, among all other things, fandangohigh. And having fanart overload with all of yoshimars' lovely Nash/Mia fluff. Teehee.

Let's also greet our Adult Nall (patchouli) a belated happy birthday! ♥

Now we can really start the party. Fireworks, anyone? xD

PS. Can you pretty please include your birthdays as well when you reply to this post? I just don't want to miss out on anyone's birthday from now on. It makes me feel so bad. T_T

Happy birthday, yoshimars! ♥

*puts on party hat* Let's celebrate!

Everyone greet Nash (yoshimars) a happy birthday!

The long awaited fan-art!

You all wanted it, and since I just posted to the Lunar fanboards I thought I'd post here too! Included within the cut are my secret santa gift to Maiku.

Cut for a LOT of images. Seriously.Collapse )
Phew! I do believe that is all for now! Feel free to comment and let me know what you think! More pictures will come in the future, just not all at once!


hey there, everybody! I'm roushutsu, and you guys can call me Dani. You can also find me and my icons at icons_a_la_rou. For this blogcrew, I picked Lemina Ausa.

I've played both Silver Star Story and Eternal Blue, and Lunar SSSC is by far my favorite RPG ever. ^_^ I've loved Lunar for years, but since I've started making icons this year, my love for it has rekindled. ^_^ in case you guys are interested, the Lunar icons I'm making now are for the daily_icon community. ^_^ I haven't been posting any for the past week because I've been busy with finals and such, but I'll get back on them as soon as possible!

♥ ♥ ♥

Hi, I'm klasikal. You can also call me Sophia. I also go by the username spacecollision and smaerd (my dream journal) and I also maintain spacefx which is basically my graphics LJ. I claimed Phacia for this blog crew.

I am female, 18, and also a Filipino. I'm currently a college sophomore majoring in Electrical and Electronics Engineering here in the University of the Philippines - Diliman. Besides being engrossed with schoolwork, I love to play the piano, listen to music, read books, tinker with computers, surf the Web, and make icons and layouts for people. ♥

I am fairly new to the Lunar fandom. I can say that it was gaylee who sparked my interest in this wonderful RPG series. I first tried out Lunar Legend on GBA. Then, I was able to download PS ROMS of Lunar SSSC somewhere. I've seen Lunar Dragon Song much yet. I also haven't tried out Lunar EBC, but I've already read the manga, so I know a thing or two about what happened in the game.

Nice to meet you all!


Its my first time to join a community like this in LJ, and really am not used to it. I hope I can catch up with things, I'm still playing one of the lunar games and even for that short time I was really amazed with the story, and thanks to LG user= gaylee, I got the hang of it.

In my playings I still did not reach the part where Tempest appeared but I just like to pick him coz' his fiancee is blue haired. I like blue. hehehe. By the way I'm joie, 19 years old. I was just recently introduced to Lunar. I think it was only last year. But now I'm so excited to continue my game.

But because I lack the time and opportunity to do so because of school work, maybe by December break I can finish it. If worse maybe in Summer break, depending on the requirements at school. I'm still figuring out how to play with Alex so that I could finish it. But I'm still enjoying the game, so i'll just slow down for the mean time. Nice to meet you all. ^_^ ♥


lunar_abc, an icon/drabble challenge community (which resumed operations today, yay! xD) has been added as an affiliate. If you have any Lunar-related communities and journals, even fanfic/icon journals, feel free to apply for affiliation. It'll be much loved! ♥

PS. kalla, wanna affiliate lunar_drabbles?


Monthly Mods?

Another idea that came to mind, teehee. How about if we take turns in modding the community? Say, monthly? It shouldn't be consecutive for one person, though.

And with that (assuming that you're all in favor xD) you may now bid which month/s you'd like to assume modship. Starting next month, of course. This month's already my turn. xD


2007 Fanfic Project Proposal

I got this idea while I was on the way home from school so I had to post. ^_^

We tried to do this back in a fanfic community last 2005, but to no avail. But maybe we can try it here and it'll work. Okay, so here's my idea: we write a fanfic, and I mean a long one, which makes it good for one year. We can all do one piece, or we split up into two's or three's and do collabs. As long as nobody works alone.

The fic? It has to overlap - at least parts of it - any of the games. What do I mean by overlap? I was thinking of the Suikoden series when I got this idea, actually. One of their games, Suikogaiden Volume I, actually takes place during Suikoden II. In fact, there are some parts where the hero of Suikogaiden (named Nash, what a coincidence!), gets immersed in the actual events of Suikoden II and meets some of the characters.

The main character doesn't necessary have to be a character in the game. You can always say that he/she was some unnamed Meribian or anonymous student of Vane who happened to have something important going on while the heroes were busy saving the world. Although you can also have it that way by, for example, creating a Tempest-centric fic covering the events of his life before and after he was involved with the whole Magic Emperor thing.

What do you guys think? :)


Christmas Poll

Poll #882980 A Lunar Christmas

What would you like to do for the crew?

Hm, write fanfics and drabbles. They're my cup of tea.
I'm good at making layouts.
I can do fanart. No, I wanna do fanart!
Random stuff will do for me. Anything goes!

Would you like a Lunar fanworks exchange?

That'll be great!
I'd like that, but I don't have much time.
Nah, no thanks.

How about a Christmas contest?

Awesome! Let's do that!
But my works aren't contest material...
That would be nice, but I might not have the time to submit an entry.

If ever we'll be having a contest, what would you like the object to be?

Icons! Coz they're so shiny and pretty.
Fanfics and drabbles, there aren't enough of them!
Fanart, because they're cool.
Randomness! All sorts of things! Randomness!