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Let's see now....

How to begin... humm... Oh yes! Hi hi!! Lol... duh.. start with a hello :3

The name's Juliana but you can call me Julie or Jubz or JJ or come up with your own nick names for me because I got an entire BAG full of nick names and a few hundred more wouldn't hurt =P! I'm a 19 year old Brazilian girl trying to get into an art college this year *crosses her fingers* let's hope I do! Lol

My love for Lunar started when I was 10 or something (and I was living in the US at that time)... I remember that one day me and my brother went to walmart and he pointed to Lunar SSSC and said "that's a cool game" and all the games I played at that time were like... Crash Bandicoot and a few others so I didn't really have a clue on what a RPG game was all about. Well the game was pretty expensive for a 10 year old but I've always been the "save my money for stuff I want" kind... so I got the game without a problem! Once I got it, he had no idea what game it was, lol, so if it had been a bad game, I had just spent my money on nothing! But.. fortunately for me.. it was not only one of the BEST games I ever played in my entire life... but also a never ending passion... =P

Brazil is a place with SO much anime you wouldn't believe it... so I grew up with this sort of thing from day one (just didn't grow up with RPGs because I was the youngest sister and the older brothers wouldn't let me touch the video games... I never knew that much about games other then sonic :3)! Once I got Lunar and saw the amazing music, lovely art and just kickass characters! Hell, it was loooove!

Till today I love this game so so very much! But SSSC is the only one I got to play ;__;. A few years later we moved back to Brazil and sadly over here it's REALLY hard to come across people who even KNOW the game. And once I moved back I found out about Lunar Eternal Blue... I remember wanting it so much but I had no way to get it.... But the love for the game never ended... I'd always try to find out about new things they were making with the Lunar name... wish I could get them all... myuuu... lol

I have some funny stories about Lunar actually... like how I said I had no clue what a RPG was? Yeah well when I first started playing the game I'd buy swords for them and all the stuff they needed! But I had NO CLUE that I had to equip them... so I would die ALL the time during the game... when I got to the blob boss on the boat.. I was at level 20 and all they were fighting "with" was well.. bare hand basically XD, once I got frustrated that I couldn't beat that boss, I talked to my brother and he called me an idiot and equipped everything for me... I beat that boss in SECONDS... XD

I think the second funny story was how I finally beat the game one day.. and wanted to start it all over and play it again because I loved it so much! But I was somewhat STUPID... and I saved the game on top of the one I had just beat.... hur hur :B Yeah I got a bunch of happy and silly and stupid memos from the game!

My fav charas are Luna Alex and Nall~! I love all of the charas (Nash comes last but I still love him XD) but yeah... Luna and Alex together are just... love~! I gotta make a lovebar like that someday :3 And Nall! Gotta love that fuzzy fur ball!!!

Since none of the charas I wanted were free, I ended up choosing future Luna, I didn't really wanna chose her because like I said I haven't played Eternal Blue, so I don't know if she's still the same Luna, and I think I might be stealing her from people who might know her better... but if she's still the same Luna from SSSC.. well then I'm really really happy I got her coz she rocks XD!

I hope that we can all have some fun together because Lunar is something I adoooore! And till today, all the people I met who like it are really nice people! Lol... Oh and a little gift as well! I never REALLY drew any Lunar fan art.. but I wanted to start off in the community bringing you guys something... so.... Taaddaaaa~!

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A really really fast and sucky sketch I just did of Luna ^^;;;;; I did her in my style so she might look a bit off or something... and it was a rushed sketch so.. sorry it doesn't look so good... first time I ever drew her... but maybe now that I'm in this community I can make some more fan art and we can all have fun with that!

Well.. I think I wrote enough @__@ sorry for the long entry! If anyone has any questions what-so-ever, go ahead and ask ^^

Lots of Love,


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Jun. 8th, 2007 01:59 pm (UTC)
Welcome!! ^^ It's always nice to have new Lunar fans. <3

Also, I adore your Luna art! So cute! ^^
Jun. 10th, 2007 04:44 pm (UTC)
Thankyuu~! I plan on doing more fanarts someday XD! just funny that I never did any before but now I feel like drawing them all the time =P
(Deleted comment)
Jun. 10th, 2007 04:44 pm (UTC)
Thanx ^^
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